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XONA MICROFLUIDICS LLC specializes in providing Scientists a PDMS based microfluidic platform for Neuroscience Research. Our products allow the Neuroscientist to take their research to the next level with a platform that offers compartmentalization, fluidic isolation, and improved organization over traditionally chaotic neuronal cell culture. read more

We invite all those interested to view our videos published on Jove.com which demonstrate how to use the neuron device. The videos go over a number of technical issues including the preparation of E18 cortical neurons, non-plasma bonding, and the general preparation of the neuron device for research use.
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Non-plasma Bonding of PDMS for Inexpensive Fabrication of Microfluidic Devices

In this video, we demonstrate how to use the neuron microfluidic device without plasma bonding. In some cases it may be desirable to reversibly bond devices to the Corning No. 1 cover glass. This could be due, perhaps, to a plasma cleaner not being available.
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